Aistè - 'Where You’re Going Today'

Rising singer-songwriter Aistè is rising through the ranks for her pop powerhouse and her latest single 'Where You're Going Today' once again proves the odds.

Completed during lockdown, the London-based independent artist reconnects with her freedom artistry through the influence of Scandanavian soundscapes with the flair of East London production that balances between the esque of Lana Del Rey and mystical Bjork.

Alongside the potent soundscapes that capture our feelings from her own experiences, Aistè also visually brings it to the table with a pure contemplation of a music video. As she bursts through the soul searching 'Where You're Going Today' Aistè speaks about her journey with new music and, said: "Change is inevitable, we learnt so much in 2020. We’ll change homes, countries, partners, ourselves in the pursuit to achieve our dreams and thus fulfilment. When all is said and done, after these transformations, do we still remember the person who dreamed those very dreams? Is he or she still around?"

Following on from her previous work, Aistè has taken lockdown in her stride to hit a nerve of being personal and opens a route of vulnerability, showing organic growth in her music.

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