Affair - 'Clouds' EP: Reinstating, Mysterious and Euphoric

British synth-wave duo, Affair have returned with their long-awaited EP 'Clouds'.

After eight years spent dormant, the London-based electronic duo (Kirsty and Mike) are back with their leading single 'Higher Still', sparkling with euphoric ambition and restoring the band's daring aesthetic. Followed by a complex, yet ambitious EP; packed with upbeat melodies and distorted synths.

Elsewhere, 'Clouds' is more relevant than ever, as it immerses listeners in discussing topics of loneliness, isolation and escapism; making the unique fitting occasion for Clouds to be heard.

“During the lockdown, we could make many parallels between the songs on Clouds and the situation we all find ourselves in. It made us realise how relevant they were to the current circumstance and how the songs themselves offer some escapism. we felt obliged to share Clouds with the world for that reason.”

Throughout the duo's project, Kirsty intermittent vocal echoes behind an undercurrent of repetitive synths that is lucid in opener 'To Get'. We are also dipped into playful melodies and sprawling atmospherics that is evident in '712' and 'Lead to One's'.

Affair's extensive dreamscape gives us an insight into what is to come for the duo and with an eight-year hiatus I don't think it's the last we are going to hear from them.

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