Aerial East Shares Stunning Cover: 'Running Up That Hill'

Since signing for Partisan Records, New York-based Aerial East has graced us with her delicate cover of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill'.

As she steps into the ability to create unvarnished intimacy between herself and the listeners; her version of the classic track showcases stories we don't hear often. With stunning vocals and minimalistic production, Aerial explores the space between the conscious and unconscious mind, between what was and what will be.

Speaking about the single, Aerial says: "One day when I was walking to the train thinking about the record I was making and its themes, I had the idea to cover 'Running Up That Hill'. It just kind of hit me how relevant that song is to everything I was thinking and writing about. I love how it came out and, I think everyone can relate to wanting to trade places with another person to feel what they feel and let them feel what you feel." She also added: "I've been a huge Kate Bush fan since my late teens/early twenties when her 'Wuthering Heights' videos sent me down a never-ending Kate Bush rabbit hole."

With Aerial embarking on a new journey, 'Running Up That Hill' gives us an insight into what we can expect of her forthcoming album which will be out in 2021. As she hopes to tell stories, we often don't hear; her latest offering is a gorgeously exposed cover of Kate Bush's work.

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