Aaron Porter: "I'm very confident in who I am, and that confidence just continues to grow."

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

British singer and songwriter Aaron Porter has become a name within the gay community and the music scene with his personal traits and expressing himself throughout his music.

With only an EP and a few songs out, Aaron is taking each day as it comes as he said since 'Expectations': "I've been spending most of my time looking into myself, really honing my craft and focusing on the next chapter."

As Pride is in full swing, celebrations have taken on a different look due to COVID-19 but, the importance is still rising as the singer described Pride as: "a necessity to society" and believes "it gives hope to everyone within the community". Whilst shouting: "I LOVE PRIDE" something I reminisce myself from those first memories of my first ever Pride, he also said: "I think however that the industry and big corporations shouldn't just elevate queer voices one month of the year - they should be continuously elevated."

The London based artist who has taken on challenges artist can't do with his confident attitude, rasp vocals and truthful lyrics; has already stripped down the walls. Whilst growing up, Aaron looked up to his mother massively as they sang along to Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston all whilst growing his passion for music.

"It's the beginning in figuring out who you are coming into adulthood."

He took his music career to the next level of his life after being accepted into BRIT School as he explained: "It was always obvious as a child that I had to pursue a career on the stage it was just innate in me." He also added the experience was "amazing" and "it's the beginning in figuring out who you are coming into adulthood."

Whilst attending BRIT School, he also discovered a second family of young, gay artists who enjoyed alternative club nights with huge DJs and exploring the fashion and music scene. But the down to earth artist responded to the question You have become a profound name within the gay community in London - how did it all start?: " I mean I wouldn't go that far! It was simply as me being a gay man singing about guys - I also obviously have no fear in that being known. I'm very confident in who I am, and that confidence just continues to grow." He also expressed the importance of breaking down the barriers in music and expressing yourself in your song and we can't disagree with him. As he said it's "Very important; you've heard it a million times, but we artists mean it when we say it's therapy! If you're not writing about something that expresses yourself or the times, then what are you doing?"

"I urge everyone to get into the history and gain more awareness!"

With the Black Lives Matter Movement happening right now, Aaron Porter believes it's the biggest movement in history as it has him completely consumed. Responding to being asked about how important it is for artists to use their platform to express their views and educating others he said: "Black people have been deserving of reckoning for over 400 years. It's a long time coming and not up for discussion. I'm educating myself around me - I urge everyone to get into the history and gain more awareness!". He also added: "We are already seeing some changes and more need to follow. I think in the UK a huge awareness will be the main thing we will see, people being aware of the systematic racism that's being ingrained in them."

His debut 'BOY' which gained recognition from critics across the UK and gained support from the likes The Lines of Best Fit, Notion and Gay Times; has hit him on a path of success. The single, which represent his true colours is an eccentric pop bop which hit the soft spot for his fans. He explained his inspirations and the true meaning behind it to Vibez as he said: "BOY was written on a day when I had questioned my self-expressions to get myself a man. I toyed with the idea of changing my look from a more stereotypically feminine one to a more stereotypical masculine look. But in the end, I did my own thing hence the line "I wanna be myself for you tonight." " As lockdown takes a toll on our memories, Aarons number one experience so far as a singer has always been playing international gigs as he said: "having people engage from other countries and cultures is inspiring."

Even though he described last year as "one of my toughest year's (outside the industry) and I think you will 100% hear that reflected in my music." We can't wait for what Aaron Porter brings to the table in years to come as he extended on to up his game and he doesn't care how long it will take as he admits: "I'm not gonna rush the next release."

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