ĠENN - 'Feel'

Taken from their forthcoming EP Liminal; 'Feel' is a glazing first offering of 2021 that delves into a portal of escapism - held by the intriguing blend of indie-rock.

Leading through the oaths of the underground music scene of Brighton; musical riot quartet finds thrill through the infusion of euphoric 70s alongside the spectrum of post-punk DIY production that 'Feel' withholds.

As the band journey through an inspiring release, vocalist Leona Farrugia vocals captures the listeners in a whirlwind of emotions, possessed by the delicate yet powerful lyricism. Speaking about their release, Leona said: "Musically, the song was inspired by The Doors and Lou Reed's ‘Walk On The Wild Side’. It’s drone-centred and infused with psychedelic elements, giving space for the vocals to shine through. It culminates in a shoegazey bridge that showcases our love for experimentation, 70's music and jamming." She added: "The lyrics personify a relationship with drugs and the dependency that stems from that sense of escapism.”

From their breakthrough year of 2020 to now preparing for a year of ventures, ĠENN have established themselves as one for critics to keep their eyes on as they continue their squalling for infectious tunes that people are raving about.

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